Magic that Perks by Harry E. Cecil PDF


Harry E. Cecel teaches you Magic that Perks.


Harry E. Cecel teaches you Magic that Perks.

Opening Patter
The Fir Tree
Banana Bag
Comedy Egg Bag
Laundry Ticket
Sun and Moon
Slate Prophecy
Card in Cigarette
Royal Flush
“Sure Enuf” Card Effect
Old Pink Lemonade Stand
The Animal Chase
One of the Ups and Down in Magic
New Finish for Max Sterling Egg Trick
Anti-Slip, No Connection Wrinkles
Watch Board
Silk Cocoon
Simple, Effective Spelling Trick
Cups and Balls
Clean Cut Color Change
Strait-jacket – Card Effect
The Case of the Four Kings
Subconscious Card Control
Sympathetic Spelling Bee
Color Harmony
Telephone Card Trick
Original Coin Act
The “Fitz” Hat Trick
Slate Divination
Mind Reading Extraordinary
A Silly Opening Trick
Dual Attraction
Ropes and Cups
The “G” Men and the Joker
Planting a Load in a Borrowed Hat
A Card Problem
Unusual Card Change
Spelling Trick Supreme
The Balloon Goes Up