Will Goldston teaches Modern Card Tricks without Apparatus.

Nothing other than a pack of playing cards is required to perform every trick explained.
Goldston has compiled some of the most iconic pieces of card magic of all time:
Cut the Cards
Telling the Number of Cards in the Hand by Weight
Odd or Even?
The Magnetic Aces
The Sympathetic Couple
The Card and the Pocket Mystery
Cards and Cigar Box
The Mexican Turn over
Tearing a Pack in Half
The Boomerang Card
Red or Black?
Cards Caught in the Air
To make a Card Travel Invisibly from One Hand to the Other
The Four Aces
The Vanishing and Appearing Pip
The Balancing Card
and more!
and a section on Hofzinser which includes some of his legendary creations such as Everywhere and Nowhere!
A classic text in card magic and a must read for any serious student of the art.