Conjuring Arts has teamed up with The Miracle Factory and we are extremely proud to be able to offer this brand new scan of the beautiful Miracle Factory edition of Sidney W. Clarke’s seminal Annals of Conjuring.

This is not only the first real history of magic in the English language it’s also the only beautiful edition ever produced. Todd Karr and his Miracle Factory worked extremely hard with some of the world’s top magic historians including Edwin Dawes, Bob Read and many others. Todd found amazing graphics and added a tremendous amount of wonderful new material. Including research by Thierry Depaulis and Hjalmar on early Italian pamphlets and Bert Pratt’s previously unpublished Charlier research.
This edition contains:
  • The complete Annals of Conjuring wonderfully illustrated (some in color) and indexed.
  • A Preface by Edwin Dawes
  • The Barrister in the Circle by Edwin Dawes
  • 4 great appendices adding much knowledge and information about the original Annals and more information about Sidney Clarke.
  • 11 Sections covering new research on a great deal of material from the book.
The additional material and appendices contain information that can only be found in this book and are over 250 pages of new research.
Whether or not you own the hardcover edition this is a must have, portable edition to take with you everywhere!
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