PDF – Original Mysteries for Magicians by Brunel White


A wealth of novel magical ideas from a highly inventive creator.


When Maurice Bliss reviewed Original Mysteries for Magicians in The Sphinx, his praise was nothing if not fulsome: “with the single exception of Modern Magic, [it is] the best book I have yet seen, and there are hundreds of magicians who will agree with me.” A century on, and Brunel White’s ideas are as original and inspiring as when they first appeared in print. Twenty-seven effects and methods are explained, from White’s grand “£500 Challenge Solids through Solid Mystery”, in which metal rings are impossibly threaded onto a brass rod and presented to audiences with the promise that anyone able to remove them without dismantling the rod’s housing will receive a large cash prize, to a close-up Torn-and-Restored paper tape, via a vanishing glass of water, a rabbit production and more. Now very hard to come by, this ninety-page book offers a varied selection of magic that’s perfect for any modern parlor and stage performers who have a flair for building their own props and gimmicks.

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