William Henry Cremer shares some of magic’s secrets.
Part I.
Tricks Executed without Confederates, and by Simple Means, with Startling Effects
Parlour Diversions
Miscellaneous Tricks with Articles Easily Obtained
Egg Tricks
The Magic of Acoustics
Bottle Tricks
Fortune Telling
Second Sight
Part II.
Tricks with Articles Easily Obtained, and Without Assistance
The Magic of Equipoise
Tricks with Apparatus, But Without Confederates
Tricks with Apparatus and Confederates
Rope, Ribbon, String, and Thread Tricks
Puzzles with Strings
Diversions for Interludes
Tricks with Coins
The Beauties of Crystallization
Chemical Vegetation
Tricks with the Leyden Jar
Tricks with the Battery
Tricks in Magnetism
The Magic of Air
Balloons and Bubbles
The Magic of Water
The Magic of Optics
Androides and Automata
Innocent Diversions with Playing Cards