Jean Hugard presents the fourth and final volume of his More Card Manipulations series.

In the style of the first three volumes of More Card Manipulations, Hugard splits the book into three parts; Sleights, Flourishes, and Tricks.
The sleights include an original card control from Jean Hugard, the Lyons Force from L. Vosburgh Lyons, the Cut Pass from Frederick Braue, the Grote Instantaneous Palm from H. Walter Grote, two techniques from Deane Moore, and a few other various card sleights.
The three flourishes in this volume all come from the mind of Joseph Cottone and all come in the form of color changes.
Over fifteen card effects fill out the rest of the book with plots and variations from the minds of Frederick Meter, Charles Miller, Jack McMillen, Frederick Braue, Bert Allerton, R. W. Jamison, and Joseph Cottone.