Although flower bouquets have been an integral part of magicians’ acts for many years, little has been written about the art of making them. In writing Victory Bouquet, Francis Martineau is a pioneer in a new field. He describes and illustrates a new type of flower bouquet in a such a clear and explicit detail that even the novice will have no trouble in following his instructions. This is a practical dissertation resulting from considerable effort and study on the part of Mr. Martineau. Every operation has been worked out to the most minute detail, leaving nothing to the imagination. Any individual willing to follow the information given herein is assured of being well repaid for his time and effort.
The amateur and professional alike will find the material in this book of considerable value. It makes possible a beautiful flower act where limited funds would otherwise prevent it. The seasoned performer will see unlimited possibilities for the use of these new bouquets in his act, and marvel at the ease with which the bouquets in his act, and marvel at the ease with which the bouquets can be concealed. The flowers fold flat and leave no revealing bulges when used as body loads. Hundreds of bouquets can be produced from a surprisingly small space. What could be more beautiful than a stage literally covered with VICTORY BOUQUETS?